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Caralluma Frimbriata Benefits from Tru Body Wellness


Topping the private label supplement charts, caralluma frimbriata from Tru Body Wellness has been called the newest and greatest breakthrough in weight loss and fat trimming supplements. Derived from a succulent plant indigenous to India, caralluma has been used for centuries as an appetite suppressant and an effective way to increase physical endurance. Used for years by many ancient tribes as a way to fend off hunger for long periods of time without food, caralluma frimbriata benefits are being seen globally and used for their potential as a weight loss supplement.

The benefits caralluma frimbriata brings to those who take it are astounding, and many wonder how it could have been overlooked for such a long period of time without being taken advantage of in the weight loss industry. When chewed raw, or taken as a private label supplement, caralluma frimbriata from Tru Body Wellness may help stop hunger right in its tracks, which can help cease overeating caused by boredom, stress, or overwhelming emotion. Another caralluma frimbriata benefit is that it contains a chemical that blocks enzyme citrate lyase, the enzyme responsible for your body’s ability to produce fat. Stopping this means stopping the fat production in your body, helping you not only lose weight, but also stopping the fat-building process in your body completely.

Caralluma Frimbriata benefits also extend past weight loss - it even provides your body with a boost of anti-inflammatory properties, helping your body fight properly against arthritis and high blood pressure and cholesterol. Studies also show that taking caralluma frimbriata daily may help boost your energy levels, thus working to increase your physical endurance and fight fatigue.

To find out more about private label caralluma frimbriata benefits and what taking this supplement daily can do for you and your health, please call us at 877-419-4004. 

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