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Private Label

Brand loyalty bears massive weight with customers. With the power of a brand, customers will become passionate about their choice even with virtually identical products — see for yourself the next time you want a cola. (We’d bet you have a brand you prefer over another even though they all taste very similar.)

If you want to take advantage of having your own brand without developing a custom product, our private labeling service is the perfect service for you. Our private labeling is simple, fast, effective and FREE.

Generic Private Label Bottle

Gain Brand Trust and Loyalty

By using one of our high-quality formulas with your private label, your customers will receive a product that they’ll love — and they’ll associate those good feelings with your brand. A private label can be all you need to instill brand loyalty in your customers, encouraging them to buy from your company (instead of competitors) again and again.

Be First to Market

Our private labeling service is also a great way to be among the first to sell a new product. Hear about the latest and greatest supplement featured on daytime TV? Skip the formulation and go immediately into selling the product — before your competition — by placing a private label on one of our existing high-quality formulas. Your product will be on the market before your competition is even in the development stage.

No Product Development

Using our private labeling means you don’t have to spend a moment on product development. By simply knowing what your customers want, you can have your privately labeled product ready to ship in about 1 week — no lengthy development, testing and approval process.

Label Design Made Easy

Label design affects customer trust in a new product. This makes getting your label right very important. If you don’t have a graphic designer with your company to help create a private label for your business, don’t worry. Our team has experienced label designers who know how to use the right combination of colors, graphics and copy to make your bottle the one customers instinctively reach for and again this is FREE.

Unique Private Labeling Solutions for Your Business

Tru Body Wellness can be the backbone for your business through the entire private labeling process. We have years of experience working with wholesale customers like you who, and we know how to grow your brand successfully through private labelling. To learn more about how your business can benefit from private labeling, contact us today.