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  • Private Label Supplement - Zeolite Smart Mineral Detox
  • Private Label Supplement - Zeolite Smart Mineral Detox
  • Private Label Supplement - Zeolite Smart Mineral Detox
  • Private Label Supplement - Zeolite Smart Mineral Detox
  • Private Label Supplement - Zeolite Smart Mineral Detox

Zeolite Smart Mineral 1000 mg per Serving , 90 Capsules

Minimum Purchase:
100 unit(s)

Product Description

Smart Mineral

Nature's Intelligent Detox* Capsules



Feeling tired? Brain fog? Bloated? Digestion problems? Dull skin? Overweight?   Chronically ill?   Would you like to feel better, more energized, more alive?   Did you ever think that many of these problems could be caused by toxins building up in your body?

It is thought that chronic illnesses are caused by 2 reasons; either toxins entering the body or lack of nutrition.   Sources include:

  • Over 84,000 chemicals used in house household products, cosmetics, food, and food packaging, (most not tested for safety)
  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution and old water pipes
  • Industrial waste
  • Household furniture and carpets and more.

Even the blood found in newborn babies contains more than 200 chemical, many toxic to the brain and nervous system. You cannot avoid them, so what do you do?

The answer: Smart Mineral. Smart Mineral is designed to remove them from the body. It may be nature’s perfect detoxifying health and wellness Ingredient.

Made using an exclusive Swiss processto extract, dehydrate, sanitize and micronize this amazing mineral, it is purposely designed to gently and safely remove impurities and toxins from the body in 3 easy steps.

  1. Taken with water, it is micronized for fast and easy absorption into the blood stream.
  2. Once in the blood it is uniquely negatively charged to attract a variety of toxic substances
  3. Its cage like structure then takes over to trap the impurities and toxins and remove them from the body through normal waste elimination.

 It does all this without removing beneficial nutrients from the body. Smart.   Results reported by users of Smart Mineral include:  

  • Supports an enhanced immune system*
  • May help balance PH levels in the body*
  • Supports digestive health*
  • May contribute to healthier looking skin*
  • 100% natural and safe*

Promoted heavily in Mexico over the past 9 months, this product has met with amazing success. 

From our partner and their observations of results from Smart Mineral:

As you know in México we have millions of people who suffer from acidity, reflux, gastritis and colitis, well let me tell you what is happening. The acidity and reflux goes away as fast as in hours up to a few days if it’s a severe problem. The gastritis and colitis goes away within a week some time a bit longer if it’s a severe problem.*

The other thing that its quite amazing is the following, as result of all the toxins, chemicals and bad habits most of the people have their belly ( stomach, intestine, etc..) quite inflamed; we have seen people loosing(sp) 10 centimeters in one week. Let me point out that this is not a weight loss product..

The third most important effect that we have seen in people is the fact that hundreds of people with skin problem have eradicated their problem COMPLETELY!!!*

When it comes to natural supplements its always the same, it takes a while to see any improvement and the product has to be really good in order to see any results and the person has to be very persistent.*

When it comes to our clinoptilolite I have never seen anything like it, so quick and so effective!*

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  


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