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Private Label Green Superfood Powder

Doctors and health experts throughout the globe all agree on one thing: if there’s anything that could be considered a nearly “cure-all” for multiple health diseases including chronic diseases and even obesity, one of the worst health epidemics in America right now, eating greens would be at the top of the list. So what’s the problem here? It’s shown that many Americans don’t get enough of their leafy greens, which are packed with nutrients that can help our bodies in seemingly miraculous ways. It’s been recommended by many that one of the easiest and most efficient ways to pack in all of your nutrients at once is with Green Superfood Powder.

A specific blend touted by Tru Body Wellness, Green Superfood Powder is the go-to supplement for those who have a hard time getting in all of their vegetables and nutrients. Featuring a powerful combination of all-natural herbs, nutritious greens, and even fruits rich in antioxidants, this powder is full of “superfoods” and everything you could ask for in a supplement. Tru Body’s Green Superfood Powder puts vegetables such as spinach to work, with properties like being chock-full of vitamins, and has even been shown to aid in lowering possible risks of cancer. It also contains broccoli, another powerful vegetable, that has been shown to help lower your risk of getting osteoarthritis, and can even protect your skin from harsh UV rays.

This Green Superfood Powder ingredient lineup also includes chlorella, a lesser known but just as powerful entity in the alternative health industry. Chlorella is technically an algae, used for many centuries all over the world for its numerous health benefits, including its possible abilities in aiding in the fight against multiple kinds of cancers, as well as stimulating the immune system and providing your body with a boost of antioxidant power. The most beneficial part of Green Superfood Powder, though, is that getting all of your vitamins and nutrients has never been so efficient, easy, or fun.

To find out more about Green Superfood Powder from Tru Body Wellness and what changes it can make to help your body and increase your health, visit the product desciption HERE.

Best Acne Solution for Adults

For most of us, acne seemed like a staple in our teenage years, and was sometimes even considered a rite of passage in our time in high school. But let’s face it: it wasn’t until we were adults that we even stopped to ponder on the fact that having acne way past being teenagers was even a possibility. Having acne as an adult, for many of us, can be incredibly embarrassing and a challenging obstacle in how we want to be perceived in the general public, and even our ability to be taken seriously. In the search for the best acne solution for adults, Tru Body Wellness seems to have found the answers.

Acne Formula with Ceramide-PCD® & Kiwi Seed Extract has shown to be what many acne sufferers call a “lifesaver”, especially those struggling with adult acne. The Ceramide-PCD® by Oryza, formula works alongside Kiwi Seed Extract, creating a powerful duo that has been shown to help fight and clear acne from the inside out, while working to retain and produce moisture in the skin. This solution comes in supplement form, which helps start the cleansing of the skin from the inside and working itself out, making it an asset for those struggling with acne who have run out of options, and has been called one of the best acne solutions for adults.

Another product from Tru Body Wellness that has been shown to be a great contender for the best acne solution for adults is Phytoceramides Skincare with Ceramide-PCD® by Oryza . Phytoceramides are a rice-based ingredient that provides a certain strengthening of the skin cells to be better equipped to fight acne, while at the same time naturally retaining and producing moisture inside the skin, combating dry, flaky skin that can be easily irritated. It’s also been shown to help reduce the signs of aging and help fight wrinkles, making it an asset to adults who are not only looking to fight acne, but help their skin achieve a more youthful look in the process. 

To find out more about how to fight adult acne and see more of Tru Body Wellness’ best acne solution for adults, please our acne product HERE

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Private Label Green Super Food

New crazes in the nutrition and weight loss industries are sometimes extremely short-lived, with fads skyrocketing to the top and burning out as quickly as they’ve come. Recently, there are only two aspects of these industries that have far outlived their fifteen minutes of fame: private label supplements and private label green super food. Our society’s growing want and need to take their own health into their own hands and try alternative forms of health for not just themselves, but for their families as well, are a continuing contributing factor to the success of the weight loss and nutrition industries. Now, Tru Body Wellness has contributed to the expansion of these industries, bringing to the table a green super food formula that can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

It’s not news to any of us that eating your greens can help keep your body healthy, strong, and fit. These are facts we’ve heard since day one in terms of taking care of our bodies and making sure we ingest everything we can to help keep our health in tip-top shape. Tru Body Wellness’ private label green super food is in the business of expanding what we already know and making health more convenient and easily accessible to anyone looking and willing to change their lifestyles for the better. A formula packed with all-natural ingredient derivatives, such as nutrition-dense greens such as broccoli, spinach, and wheat grass, and chlorella, which has been shown to possibly aid in the fighting of cancer cells while simultaneously working to clean out your liver, Tru Body Wellness’ private label green super food is the answer to alternative ways of giving your body the nutrients it needs in an efficient and easy way.

To find out more about the benefits of adding private label green super food to your daily routines and diets, please visit online at http://www.trubodywellness.com/green-super-food/.

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What is Private Labeling and where does Tru Body Wellness fit into it

Many companies, whether they’re startups, entrepreneur run, or well-established businesses, are finding that brand name products are starting to lose in the popularity contest in competition with private label products. More and more, consumers are looking more towards low-cost options for products they buy every day, such as their supplements, vitamins, minerals, and even face and hair care products. This growing theme has many people, consumers and entrepreneurs looking to expand their profits, asking, what is private labeling?

What is Private Labeling?

Private labeling is the act taking a product, or a whole inventory of products, manufactured by a company, and putting your own brand and label on it and selling and distributing it under your company’s name. This process has many benefits for your company, including the fact that it can potentially save your company quite a bit of money by purchasing quality goods at a lower price, rebranding them to fit your label, and distributing them to your loyal customers. Many big name companies have caught on to this trend and have found it to be extremely beneficial as an addition to their process, as it saves customers money and allows them to increase their selection of inventory.

What Are the Benefits of Private Labeling?

The benefits of private labeling are endless, no matter what kind of product you’re looking to private label. Those in the private label supplement industry, especially, have seen fantastic results in distributing best selling supplement products, such as Private Label Phytoceramides w/ Ceramide-PCD or Private Label Vitamin C Serum 20%, as it allows them to supply the demand their customers have for less expensive products without sacrificing quality. While receiving quality inventory at such a low-cost, many companies have taken the opportunity to expand their product line and explore the possibilities of variety, a facet of the private labeling process many customers have come to enjoy and take advantage of.

To find out more about what is private labeling and the benefits of private labeling for your company, please visit online at http://www.trubodywellness.com/

The Right Private Label Manufacturing Partner for Your Business

The private label industry is an increasingly successful industry, and has been continuing to grow in popularity and wealth in the last few years. Many businesses are expanding their horizons and incorporating many private label aspects to their inventory. With this comes the sometimes tedious search for the right private label manufacturing facility to partner with to help them achieve their goals. When searching for the right partner for all of your private label manufacturing needs, there are so many things to consider to make sure that your business is a success. There are many private label manufacturers who claim to be the best in terms of quality and service, and claim to be “the manufacturer”, but how can you know for sure?

Working with a manufacturing facility that is both GMP Certified and FDA registered is not only a bonus for you, but for your customers as well. This ensures that the product you’re receiving is at the highest levels of quality, and passes on peace of mind to your customers that what your product and inventory is trustworthy and has gone through a satisfactory process to reach the shelves. TruBody Wellness knows the importance of the process in which their private label manufacturing facility handles your specific product, and never skimps on procedures, setting your business apart from the rest.

When choosing a private label manufacturing partner for your private label needs, it’s also important to make sure that they have the capacity to handle any type of product for your company. While your business grows, you may want to experiment with your inventory, discovering which products work and which ones don’t. Tru Body Wellness’ private label manufacturing facility has a range of capabilities when it comes to manufacturing your specific product, ranging from capsules, tablets, liquids, and even lotions. This opens up the opportunities for your business ten-fold, and allows you to break through the mold that many private label companies face, giving you advantages many business are still unaware of and passing along the results to your loyal customers.

To find out more about what Tru Body Wellness can do for your company, and to learn more about their private label manufacturing facility and the benefits you can gain from partnering with this company, please visit online at http://www.trubodywellness.com/

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Benefits of Adding Weight Loss Supplements to Your Diet

The criticism and praise surrounding multiple weight loss supplements have been mixed since they've skyrocketed on to not only the weight loss and nutrition scenes, but also in the alternative health industry. Many are skeptical about what weight loss supplements can actually do for you besides providing an easier alternative to quick weight loss. Private label weight loss supplements on the market today may actually have many other benefits besides trim belly fat and get you slimmer faster.

Garcinia Cambogia

Toted as a fast way to lose weight fast, Private Label Garcinia Cambogia has been shown to be a great way to boost serotonin, which has been said to increase mood levels and may even help lower your chances of experiencing depression. It also may help boost your immune system, to help your body fight off symptoms of the common cold, and minimize your chances of contracting the flu during high-peak flu seasons.

Yacon Root

Mostly known for its weight loss properties, Private Label Yacon Root has been shown to have numerous other benefits, as well. Whether you’re taking it in a supplement or syrup form, yacon root has been shown to be an asset for those struggling with obesity, in aiding with lowering high cholesterol, and may even improve digestive health. It’s been shown to have high levels of probiotics, which can help increase bowel movements, helping you to feel your best no matter what you’re doing.

Raspberry Ketones

Private Label Raspberry Ketones have become a staple private label weight loss supplement for many, but some are unaware of the other benefits that come with taking it. It’s been shown that there’s a high possibility for those who are regularly taking raspberry ketones to be less prone to anxiety and depression. It’s even been said that private label raspberry ketones can help regulate and maintain your blood sugar and blood pressure levels, making it an asset for those suffering from obesity or high blood pressure.

To find out more about the benefits of adding private label weight loss supplements to your diet, and to find out more about best-selling private label supplements such as Private Label Garcinia Cambogia, Private Label Yacon Root, and Private Label Raspberry Ketones, visit our website at http://www.trubodywellness.com/

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The Best Products to Help Fight Wrinkles and Signs of Aging

For years, many have tried to find the best products to help fight the signs of aging - dryness of the skin, the growth of wrinkles in the face, and blemished skin. While currently there is no fountain of youth available for beautiful, youthful skin, there are many private label skin care products that may help fight wrinkles, while keeping our bodies and skin youthful, inside and out.

Phytoceramides with Oryza Ceramide-PCD® is one of the top most recommended private label skin care products and supplements for facial care and the reduction of wrinkles. When taken on a daily basis, Phytoceramides may help reduce wrinkles from the inside out and may help increase the youthfulness of your skin. A plant-derived ceramide, Phytoceramides are a natural chemical that may strengthen skin cells starting from the outside and working themselves out, helping you retain moisture while fighting dead skin cells that can make your skin look decades older than it actually is.

Vitamin C Serum is a great way to keep your skin looking young. With ingredients that boast Vitamin C levels with 20% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, this private label skin care serum is a sure-fire way to keep your skin healthy and wrinkle-free. Hyaluronic Acid may help your skin retain moisture while sucking up harsh chemicals and toxins like a sponge, while the Vitamin C helps support plump, youthful looking skin. When working together, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C are an intense combination sure to fight away the signs of aging in your skin, while keeping it moisturized and healthy.

Collagen is a natural chemical occurring in our bodies, and also an excellent ingredient in our next recommended private label skin care product. Anti-Aging Serum with Collagen is packed full of ingredients, designed specifically to work with your skin in not only retaining moisture and fighting dead skin on the surface of your face, but also boosting levels of collagen in your skin, keeping your skin looking youthful and radiant.

To find out more about the best private label skin care products to help reduce the signs of aging and get rid of wrinkles, such as Phytoceramides with Oryza Ceramide-PCD®, Vitamin C Serum, Anti-Aging Serum with Collagen, and more, please visit our website at http://www.trubodywellness.com/

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Private Label Anti-Aging Serum with Collagen

Anti-Aging Serum with Collagen for Tru Body Wellness is one of the top selling private label collagen serum products on the market today. With a potent blend of shea butter, collagen, and wheat germ oil, this serum is packed full of ingredients that may help skin loses wrinkles, as well as increase the elasticity of your skin while fighting off dead skin. While many choose collagen injections that wear off over time, this private label collagen serum is sure to be the cost-wise and more efficient answer to erasing time from your face.

Shea Butter

Proven time and time again to be a healing agent for skin, shea butter is a pure moisturizer that helps keep the face smooth while eliminating dead skin cells that can make your face appear older than it is. It’s been used for decades as a way to treat skin conditions such as eczema and sunburns, and helps protect your skin against further damage from UV rays and harsh elemental changes.


Used for years as a way of eliminating wrinkles through injections to the skin, this naturally occurring chemical is now available in a potent private label collagen serum, making is cost affordable and more convenient to use. Responsible for the elasticity and look of “plumpness” of the skin, collagen may be an asset for those searching for a way to turn back the clock on their skin and practically wash away months and even years from the face.

Wheat Germ Oil

Extracted directly from wheat, wheat germ oil is packed full of vitamins and minerals to help your skin stay healthy and looking as young as ever. Externally, this ingredient has been shown to help treat roughness of the skin, as well as being used in many cosmetic products to reduce the signs of wrinkling and stop them in their tracks. Now they’re available in a private label collagen serum that can help you look younger and feel younger, too.

To find out more about TruBody Wellness’ Anti-Aging Serum with Collagen, please visit on the web here

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Supplements To Try For Women’s Weight Loss

With so many supplements on the market these days claiming to be a “miracle” weight loss cure, and many supplements costing hundreds of dollars claiming to be the new age of fat loss in women, it’s hard not to be skeptical of all of the products we see in the news and on the TV these days. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best weight loss supplements for women, what they can do for you and how they work.


Previously mentioned by America’s Favorite Celebrity Doctor, Private Label Forskolin has become one of the best-selling weight loss supplements in America. An extract of the Coleus forskohili plant indigenous to Kenya, this supplement has shown to help women all over the country to lose weight with a combination of taking Private Label Forskolin daily and regular exercise. This supplement has shown to be promising in the act of breaking down stored fat cells in the body and promoting weight loss to those who use it regularly.

Garcinia Cambogia

A popular addition to the weight loss supplement industry, Garcinia Cambogia comes from the rinds of a fruit, and has been shown to have more benefits than just burning fat in the body. While also acting as a potent appetite suppressant, Private Label Garcinia Cambogia’s secret weapon is actually an ingredient inside of it: Hydroxycitric Acid, or HCA for short. The higher the HCA percentage in the supplement, the higher the potency for fat-loss potential. This blocks fat cells from being made from your body, while simultaneously making sure the stored fat cells are being burned as fast as possible. We recommend a supplement between 60% and 80% HCA for the best results.

Caralluma Fimbriata

Our pick for the best weight loss supplement on the market today is Private Label Caralluma Fimbriata. Caralluma has been used for centuries as not only an addition to many curries in the country this succulent plant grows, India, but it’s also been used for decades as a powerful appetite suppressant. Many warriors and various tribes in the East would chew raw Caralluma or put it into their foods to help with hunger pangs when food was scarce during battle. Today, the weight loss supplement industry has recognized Private Label Caralluma for not only its appetite suppressant properties, but for its potential to help burn fat stored inside the body and its ability to provide the body with a blockage of the enzymes that help produce fat cells.

To find out more about the best-selling weight loss supplements for women on the market today, and to learn more about what Private Label Forskolin, Private Label Garcinia Cambogia, and Private Label Caralluma Fimbriata can do for your weight loss journey, please visit online at http://www.trubodywellness.com/

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Best Products to Beat the Damage of the Sun

There are many frightening consequences to too much sun time, with cancers such as melanoma a huge, fatal risk, and the damaging effects, too much exposure to the sun can do to the outside layer of your skin, such as sun spots and, eventually, wrinkles. Even with the winter months approaching, many believe they don’t have to use sunscreen just because the temperature drops outside. This can cause serious damage to skin, and those who take precautions with their skin can help save and preserve their skin and bodies for years to come.

A great way to help keep your face and skin moisturized and protected is by taking Private Label Phytoceramides on a daily basis. Research has shown that those who take Phytoceramide supplements on a daily basis have more improved skin conditions, including less wrinkles and more moisturized skin, in comparison to those who do not. Finding a Private Label Phytoceramide formula with a key ingredient of Oryza Ceramide-PCD® can help your skin be protected from the sun, and keep it moisturized, free of dead skin and frequently less irritated from harsh chemicals and natural elements, even during the cold, winter months.

Another efficient way to maintain your skin and keep it protected from damaging UV rays and chemical pollution during the harsh winter months is by using Private Label Vitamin C Serum. A serum with up to 20% Vitamin C ingredients can actually help protect your skin against the harsh effects of the sun and improve natural collagen levels in your body, helping your skin and face remain youthful and plump, no matter how much sun it’s exposed to. Private Label Vitamin C Serum can help fight environmental effects, making it a great asset, especially in the winter months when levels of inversion are high and the chemical and pollution damage to your skin and body is great.

To find out more on how to protect your skin with alternative healthcare skin care products such as Private Label Phytoceramides and Private Label Vitamin C Serum, please our products page here.

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