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The Right Private Label Manufacturing Partner for Your Business


The dietary supplement private label industry is large and continuing to grow in popularity and wealth year after year. Many businesses are expanding their horizons and incorporating many private label aspects to their product offering, working to grow and build their brand. With this comes the sometimes tedious and important search for the right private label manufacturing facility to partner with to help them achieve their goals. When searching for the right partner, there are many things to consider making sure that your private label business is a success.

At a minimum you need your products manufactured in facilities that are both GMP Certified and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered. Your customers will demand it. This is the first essential step that ensures that your private label products are made to the highest levels of quality, critical to you and your customers. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and was established by the FDA setting manufacturing standards for dietary supplements. GMP certification is done by 3rd party auditors specializing in auditing and inspection to these GMP standards. Note, while the FDA does their own inspections, they do not do any certifications. This is done by 3rd parties.

Most customers also prefer that your branded private label products be made in the USA. This is another assurance of quality. While most ingredients will come from overseas, it is important that your product is bottled and tested in a US manufacturing facility registered and inspected by the FDA.

Next, it is also important to make sure they have the expertise and capacity to produce the type of product you have in mind. Is it a capsule, tablet, powder, liquid, gummy, lotion, etc.? Each of these requires very different processes, expertise, and equipment. In addition, someone who offers 2 or more of these options can open opportunities for other private label products for you in the future. You may start with capsules but add other product types as your business and brand grows.

Will you need formulation help? Are you looking to do custom formulas? This is another consideration when picking a private label partner. You may know the type of product you want but need a little support or help in finalizing your best and most effective formula. When making custom private label products under your brand, make sure you know the minimum order quantities your partner requires. Some start at 5000 bottles or higher. For new products where you need to prove the market demand, this may be too more than your budget allows. Lower minimum order quantities reduces your risk should your product be new or need to prove itself out and improves your chance of success.

Does your private label partner offer sampling for minimum cost? Sampling, especially for powders and liquids to assure they mix as desired and taste great, can be an important part of your private label product development. Before you commit to investing fully in your vision, you should know what you are getting.

What about labels and label design? The FDA and FTC have many rules and guidelines regarding the design of labels including all the information that needs to be on the label, the formatting, and most importantly what claims can and cannot be made. In addition, you need your private label to stand out in representing your private label brand and to catch the attention of your targeted customer versus the other products out there.

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