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Vitamin C Serum Featuring Natural Ceramide AP With Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide


Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid from Tru Body Wellness

Private Label Vitamin C Serum Featuring Ceramide-NAP™ from Tru Body Wellness is a staple product in skincare and can now be your newest addition to your skin care routine. This serum, packed with Vitamin C, Ceramide-NAP, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide can provide your skin with a potent anti-aging effect, while also keeping your skin clear and smooth. Many other private label vitamin c serums skimp on the ingredients and only provide your skin with a small amount of what it actually needs and water it down. Tru Body Wellness serum uses the best multifunctional ingredients to synergistically fight the visible signs of aging for youthful, vibrant and healthy-looking skin. Tru Body Wellness’ Vitamin C Serum uses Natural Ceramide AP, the first Ceramide AP to be derived from natural extracts.

Vitamin C is a naturally occurring vitamin in our bodies that, unfortunately, some of us might not get enough of. Many are unaware of the benefits Vitamin C can incur on our bodies, including the fact that Vitamin C is responsible for the production of collagen. Collagen keeps your skin tight and firm, while giving it the feel of “plumpness”; this can help decrease the amount of wrinkles on the outside of the skin and provide elasticity. Many department store facial creams and high-end, expensive skin care items tout products chock-full of harsh chemicals that can further your skin down the road. Private Label Vitamin C Serum Featuring Ceramide-NAP™ from Tru Body Wellness can help keep your skin tight and firm with a vitamin that’s already naturally present in our bodies, saving you money and saving your skin unnecessary damage.

Ceramide-NAP™ Natural Ceramide AP from Oryza is the first Ceramide AP (or Ceramide 6-II) to be derived from natural extracts. Others are produced synthetically. Ceramide AP protects the skin barrier, increases moisturization & provides a whitening effect on dark spots from aging and sun damage.

Hyaluronic Acid is also a main ingredient present in Tru Body’s Private Label Vitamin C Serum Featuring Ceramide-NAP™. It occurs naturally in the body and is responsible for providing moisture, plumpness, firmness and suppleness to the skin. This, too, diminishes with age, especially after the age of 40, but it is possible to restore hydration and achieve softer, smoother and dewy skin by applying a serum or moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid.

Niacinamide protects against oxidative and environmental assaults, minimizes redness, helps build a ceramide barrier helping to retain moisture, increases keratin for firmer skin, and may be helpful in fighting acne, among other benefits.

To find out more information on Tru Body Wellness’ Private Label Vitamin C Serum Featuring Ceramide-NAP™ or our other products, please visit here.

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